What is Color Guard

Color guard is a competitive dance theater using props along with dance as a visual expression of the music performed by either a marching band or pre-recorded. Color guard is both an athletic competition and a form of art that mixes modern dance and ballet and uses props traditionally including rifles, flags and sabres.

About the team

The Branham Color Guard, competes with the marching band from August through November, using choreography and equipment to enhance the visual effect of the marching band show. The color guard is judged both as part of the overall visual appeal of the show as well as in its own category.

From January through April, the color guard competes in winter guard, an indoor color guard imageactivity performed to recorded music, usually in a gym or indoor arena. The winter guard unit performs using dance, and props including flags, rifles, and sabres. Guard members toss, spin, and do much more with their equipment, which can change throughout the show.

During the winter guard season, Branham High School competes in the California Color Guard Circuit (CCGC) which is sanctioned and managed by Winter Guard International (WGI). During the winter season, Branham will compete in 6 CCGC competitions and select WGI regionals.

Fall season

Winter season

Winter Guard

Rehearsal Times

Rehearsals will occur weekly at the following times:

Mondays from 6pm-9pm

Wednesdays from 6pm-9pm

Saturdays from 9am-2pm

Winter Camp Schedule:

Wednesday, January 3 from 9am-9pm

Thursday, January 4 from 9am-9pm

Friday, January 5 from 9am-9pm

Performance Schedule

All performances will take place on Saturdays with the exception of the WGI Union City regional please see below for the full schedule:

CCGC Evaluations at James Logan HS - Saturday, January 7

James Logan HS - Saturday, January 27

Independence HS - Saturday, February 10

Lynbrook HS - Saturday, March 10

WGI Union City Regional at Jame Logan HS - Saturday and Sunday, March 17/18

Fremont HS - Saturday, March 24

CCGC Championships at Independence HS - Saturday, April 7

Winter Guard Pledge

This pledge covers the operating budget of the 2018 winter guard program. This covers registration fees, equipment purchases, prop construction, staff stipends, show meals, and more.

$550.00 per student

Uniform not included. Students will be given a color swatch and some guidelines for uniform. They can then purchase any top that fits these guidelines.

Parent Involvement

It takes a team to build success, and we need your help!


We are currently looking for parents to help us organize fundraisers to sell Yankee Candles, Cookie Dough, and the SCV gift wrapping at Valley Fair Mall. If you are interested in becoming a fundraiser coordinator please contact Marc Brodeur at brodeurm311@gmail.com

Carpool Drivers

This year we have a large team of 24 students. For each show we will need carpool space to transport all students. If you are interested in becoming a carpool driver please contact Marc Brodeur at brodeurm311@gmail.com with your interest, vehicle type, and number of passanger seats

Prop Construction

This year we are looking to construct some trees out of PVC pipes. If you are able to help construct these props please contact Marc Brodeur at brodeurm311@gmail.com

Student Information

Please fill out the survey below to receive updates and communications about the team!